About Us

Since our company foundation we deal successfully with of wares of all kind. Especially with the import and goods distribution of raw materials from all world. We cooperate with traders which can show mandates of the manufacturers or supplier. By assigned sales rates can we made sure that we can also dispose and sell of the offered goods.

Our company have no daisy agent chain and work directly with our suppliers. Currently we are working with leading suppliers in cement, agro products, fertilizers, electronic goods, etc. Our suppliers are well recognized their domain areas. Our suppliers have products ready for shipment, to meet your emergent.

Since these suppliers are well-established players, we solicit only genuine enquiries. If you are a genuine buyer looking to close an international trade deal to your complete satisfaction, our company would like to know if you have any current requirements. Our worker will work out the best deal for you, based on your target price, payment method,quantity and shipping destination. Our company have specifications of our product ready for your review. Since, in international trade price is dependent on many factors, not the least being the current market price. This, as you know, can change daily.


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